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PVC Patches

PVC patches are the perfect choice if you are looking for a modern, sturdy eye-catching way to bring your design to life. They are made of PVC which is a rubber like material having a soft and smooth outlook. There is really no limit when it comes to choosing the size or shape for your custom PVC patch, these can be customized in a variety of shapes, colors and dimensions. PVC patches are not affected by anything like extreme temperatures and are waterproof. Because of their durability, PVC patches are a great option for outdoor applications.

2mm Thickness

Thinner, less heavy and more flexible.

3mm Thickness

Sturdy, yet flexible and not too heavy.

4mm Thickness

Thick and Heavy.



These patches are curved, having one or more level with a concave shape on the top of the layer. The 3D technique is perfect to get greater details.

Sewing Channel Border

A little channel or recessed line that follows the contour of the patch, for add stitching to create fine lines and borders.

Glow In the Dark

Add premium glow in the dark PVC to make your patches stand out and really pop.

Backing Types

Sewn On

Designed to sew a patch on. A permanent and reliable solution.

Peel & Stick

Sticker-like backing, Ideal for temporary use. Simply Peel away the backing and stick your patch on.


Velcro hook backing attached to the patch by running stitch or adhesive.

PVC Patches We Have Made

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Send us your artwork in any file format you have. We can work with almost anything!


Mention the size of the patch. We take measurements in Inches, cm and mm.

Patch Type & Backing

Let us know what type of patch you are looking for with preferred baking method.


Don’t forget to mention the quantity you need. We do patches from dozens to thousands.

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